Despite the unfavourable circumstances – the occupation of the Ruhr was in the air, reparation payments had badly weakened the German economy and inflation of unknown proportions was expected – Wilhelm Heinrich Steinhaus sets up the company W. Steinhaus & Co. GmbH (in 1930 renamed SIEBTECHNIK GmbH).

1945 - 1949

The first few years are a period of continuous expansion of the production programme and self-production. In 1945 the company starts manufacturing its own vibrating screens and dewatering centrifuges for fine coal, followed in 1949 by construction of the first type KONTURBEX screen worm centrifuge.

1950 - 1959

Expansion of the production programme to include laboratory and comminution equipment means that the existing workshops are too small. New factory workshops and the test centre are built at Weseler Strasse in Mülheim’s harbour area, so enabling further expansion of the product range. I959 sees the construction of the first decanter centrifuge. The administration moves into the building at Solbad Raffelberg.

1960 - 1973

After Wilhelm Heinrich Steinhaus’s death in 1960 the company group is managed first by his wife and later by a holding company.
Yet even after the founder’s death SIEBTECHNIK GmbH continues to develop successfully. At the start of the 1970s the product range is expanded to include sampling systems, pusher centrifuges and heavy-duty screening machines.

1974 - 1990

In 1974 Robert Steinhaus, great-nephew of the founder, joins the company’s senior management. Building on his great-uncle’s corporate concept, he ushers in with great commitment a phase of intensified corporate global orientation. In concert with the continuously growing company group Robert Steinhaus develops SIEBTECHNIK GmbH into the great, globally important company it is today. So, for instance, in 1986 in the People’s Republic of China SIEBTECHNIK GmbH builds what was up until then the world’s largest coal sampling system.

1991 - 2000

The 1990s are marked by innovation and growth. While the success story of its “many-times tried and tested” KONTURBEX reaches its high-point so far with a major order for 17 type H1000 centrifuges for a potash project, SIEBTECHNIK brings out some new developments in the form of its type CONTHICK, TWIN CONE and TURBO SCREEN centrifuges.

2001 - 2011

In 2001 on reaching the age of 65 Robert Steinhaus steps down as senior manager. However, he continues to assist and advise the company.
On completing his studies, his son, Christian Steinhaus, first becomes a member of the management of Hein, Lehmann Trenn- und Fördertechnik GmbH, Krefeld.
In 2006 he becomes the 4th generation of his family to join the senior management of Siebtechnik GmbH.

2012 - Heute

With the delivery of 40 high-performance centrifuges to the Chinese customer Qinghai Potash Production (QPP) in 2012 and the follow-up order for a further 20 machines in 2014 a further milestone is reached in the history of SIEBTECHNIK GmbH.
During this time the ultra-modern Centrifuge Technology Centre in Mülheim is set up. The entire building project involves the new-construction or conversion of 6,000 m² of office and factory space.

As part of a group of over 50 companies employing 3,000 people worldwide, SIEBTECHNIK GmbH is strategically unusually well set up. We see the challenges of the globalised world market as an opportunity for further positive corporate development.

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