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22. марта 2022

World Water Day

Today is World Water Day Water is one of the most precious resources on our planet. Only 2.5% of the…

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9. февраля 2022

Centrifuges Service meets Augmented Reality

Live or remote, the choice is yours! As a manufacturer of special machines, we do not only offer machine solutions,…

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6. января 2022


We have something to celebrate! Our 100th birthday. Therefore, this year we would like to take you on a journey…

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23. ноября 2021

It’s time to rethink…

Long waiting times, high susceptibility to errors with inexperienced operation, the need for manual intervention, use in automated processes only…

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17. мая 2021

Новый веб-сайт SIEBTECHNIK

С 1 июня — совершенно новый веб-сайт SIEBTECHNIK. Новый дизайн. Новое содержание. Новые возможности. Вы еще не знакомы с нашей…

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2. марта 2021

High temperature applications

High temperature applications (> 150°C) are a considerable problem for most decanters, not so for our SHORTBOWL decanter centrifuge (SBD)….

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19. января 2021

Tailored to your requirements

The requirements of our customers for our machines are different. Even for the same application, priorities may vary. As a…

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13. октября 2020


The nutrition of the world and thereby the reliable supply with fertilizers poses a gigantic challenge to politics, industry and…

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6. октября 2020

One Solution. Worldwide.

As part of a globally operating group of companies SIEBTECHNIK TEMA provides more than 50 local support offices worldwide. We…

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17. сентября 2020


Polymers have a broad use in everyday life. Each polymer exhibits a unique set of properties qualifying it for certain…

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28. августа 2020

Linear Motion Screening Machine for Dewatering

Dewatering screening machines have the special task of separating liquids from solid-water mixtures. The result is a dewatered product in…

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23. июля 2020


Glycerine is an organic compound from the group of sugar alcohols. It is used in various industries, e.g. in the…

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