Tailored to your requirements

19. января 2021

The requirements of our customers for our machines are different. Even for the same application, priorities may vary.

As a manufacturer of special machines, we tailor our product solutions precisely to the desired end result. Here, we usually start with the selection of the appropriate machine type.

Let’s take ammonium sulfate as an example.
If the focus is on low particle breakage or very good washing efficiency, we recommend our SHS pusher centrifuge. If the solids concentrations are low or varying, or if only a minimum residual amount of product should remain in the machine after a feed stop, then the CONTURBEX screen scroll centrifuge is a good choice.

For the development and adaptation of our centrifuges to the requirements of the respective separation task, we use individual consulting as well as extensive tests in which the operating conditions are reproduced. We look at your requirement very intensively and analyse your product sample in our laboratory and technical centre.

comparison shs conturbex

comparison shs conturbex

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